Franchise Feasibility Assessment

General Information

Directors name *Email address *Phone Number *Website *Your registered business name *Registered business address *

Current Position

Company status * Existing business Existing product or service Concept stage for a business, product or serviceLocation(s) *Number of years in business *Industry *Number of employees *Number of business units * One Two Three Four +

Financial Performance

Gross Revenue *Cost of Goods SoldAnnual Operating Expenses *Approx Net Profit *Has the business experienced growth over the previous 2 years? If so what % year on year *If sales have declined over previous two years please provide a reason

Potential Franchisee Financials (Approx)

Approximately how much capital would a franchisee need to set up their business *Franchise establishment requirements (check relevant fields only) * Computer hardware and software Premises fit-out including furniture Stock & materials Tools & equipment Launch marketing Marketing materials Signage Vehicle lease or purchase Rent/bond (6 months) Training provisions if travel required Their lawyer (approx. $2k)What could the potential gross revenue be for a franchisees in their second year *What would the annual operational expenses be for a franchisee as a % of gross revenue *


Describe/list your product or service *Does your product/service have broad appeal or is it niche * Broad appeal Niche marketDefine the market for your business, product or service * B2B B2CWho could be trained to run your business the same as you do * A simple model most people could be taught to run Will require some industry knowledge Industry specific (qualifications and expertise)What is the demand like for your product/service * We are still getting established Consistent Some fluctuation Can’t keep up with demandDescribe your ideal Franchisee, include skills and qualifications if relevant *

Brand Strength and Positioning

What is your current brand strength is your local market * we’re still getting established we are reasonably well known we are considered a main playerIs your name and logo trademarked * Yes No, haven’t tried yet No, it is unable to be trademarked Application filed and underwayThe competition for your business, product or service is * Fierce Moderate Minimal or non-existentBriefly describe what sets you apart from your competitors *Where does your price point sit in the market * Low Low – medium Medium Medium – high High Our product or service is uniqueWho is your main franchised competition *

Support and Systems

What support mechanisms do you, or could you have in place to support franchisees * Operational support Administration & accounts Sales and marketing HRHow systemised is your business * Very little Basic documentation and processes Well documented with efficient systems and processes Fully computerised or app based with systems for every part of the business Established systems and processes but minimal documentation for theseHow do you currently promote your product/service (tick all applicable options) * None Word of mouth Print advertising Industry publications Social media (Facebook / Instagram) Digital marketing (Google etc) Website Brochures (Mailbox drops) Radio / TV Tradeshows Brochures in local businesses Direct marketing (cold calling)

Growth Strategy and Objectives

What other expansion models have you tried/considered * None Opened additional business units and staffed Existing business acquisition and conversionWhat advantages do you think franchising will provide your business *Which of the following statements are correct (Tick all applicable options) * I am an experienced leader I have managed people I am an effective coach and trainer I can build a cohesive brand I have sales ability I am committed to business success I have access to capital to develop the business I have long term goals for the businessWhat are your biggest concerns about franchising your business? (if any) *How much money could you commit each month to marketing the franchises *Have you looked into franchising your business before? If yes, what was the main reason you didn’t proceed *What level of investment do you think is required to franchise your business * $10k – $20k $20k – $30k $30k – $40k $40k+If you decided to franchise your business, what is your timeframe for getting started