How do you create unique designed products

Creating a unique product is not easy, it requires creativity, a designer, and a manufacturer. Creativity is needed to create the idea of the design and be able to develop it. A designer is needed to produce the design onto a template that can be used in producing the component parts of the manufacture so the manufacturing team of sewers can make the product.

To do this the same for other products such as cotton caps and bucket hats we can use different colours to be different and then embroidery a logo onto the cap or bucket hat. This is also true of any product that cannot be sublimated.

To carry out this process takes time and money so really the number of products we expect to manufacture or produce for sale using this design. One product can be made but the price is high and uses the same process as above.

So why do we produce unique products, many people want to buy products that have been designed for a specific purpose, many companies what to have products designed for their company uniform, people want to have souvenirs to remember a visit to a place of interest, such as wine tasting, zoos, aquariums, museums, tourist places, cities, countries. Other people just want to look different and feel good.