Next Stage

So, we have created a way of having our sublimated designs created but we still have to have them manufactured. This requires a lot of research and testing to find someone capable and willing to manufacture these unique sublimated products. Many sublimated products are easy, and many companies have the experience to manufacture sublimated products. creating good designs of cut and sew products is more difficult, so fewer have this capability. these products are not difficult but are fiddly to make. Sublimated bucket hats and baseball caps and trucker caps are so much more difficult. However, they are possible. The problem arrives, mainly because cap manufacturers do not have sublimation machinery, so do not bother. So a solution has to be found that is halfway. This requires a manufacturing company who make sublimated products and also has a close contact who can manufacture caps. Hats are easier as a product manufacturer can manufacture bucket hats and sublimated bucket hats. Caps are different and require a level of use of parts and knowledge to make caps. If a manufacturer can make caps, they can also make sublimated caps and just need the will and the sublimated material. Once this person is found and they are happy to work with the sublimation company, a solution is achieved. A2Z has found these two manufacturers, one very strong in sublimation capability and the other very strong in manufacturing caps. The owners of these companies are close, they are actually brothers, this could be good but does not guarantee anything. This is potentially the start of a very interesting journey.