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Animal Patch Iron On Patches for Jackets


Cutest Lemur 4cm x 4cm Iron on Patch. Works on tops, jeans, hats.

These patches can be sewn on or ironed on.
Choose which patch you require from the video.

Otter 3.7cm x 5.7cm
Alpaca 4.9cm x 7.6cm
Balloon Poodle 5.1cm x 6.0cm
Mink 4.7cm x 3.4cm
Marmot 2.5cm x 4.5cm
Koala 3.2cm x 4.0cm
Okapi 2.6cm x 5.0cm
Red Panda 4.5cm x 4.8cm
Killer Whale 6.5cm x 2.8cm
Anteater 4.7cm x 3.8cm
Lemur 4cm x 4cm
Sloth 4.5cm x 4.5cm
Frog 4.0cm x 2.8cm
Chameleon 4.4cm x 3.5cm
Platypus 4.4cm x 3.5cm
Pangolin 4.0cm x 3.8cm
Sea Turtle 4.7cm x 3.3cm
Salamander 4.8cm x 3.5cm
Clownfish 4.8cm x 2.8cm
Tortoise 4.5cm x 2.8cm
Lizard 4.5cm x 3.1cm
Owl 2.8cm x 4.4cm
Kingfisher 3.2cm x 4.7cm
Tree Frog 4.0cm x 2.8cm
Penguin 4.7cm x 2.7cm
Red Cross 6.5cm x 10cm
Australian Flag 6.9cm x 4.0cm
Red Rose 7.0cm x 6.5cm
Turntable 6.8cm x 5.1cm

Pressing Instructions

1. Place the patch directly on to the cloth.

2. Cover the patch with a thin piece of cloth then press with the iron.

(Avoid using the iron directly onto the patch in order to protect the patch from the high temperature).

3. Keep the iron on the patch for approx. 40-60 seconds

4. Wait for the patched area to cool.

5. If the patch has not completely attached, repeat steps 3 and 4

*For the longevity of the patch we recommend stitching around the edge of each patch as over time the patch will wear and peel.

*We advise you to attach the patches to cotton-based surfaces for best results.


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